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Can you catch a Dynastes Tityus in your yard?

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No one knows whether you can cat one in your location...lol

Since we don't live with you haha

Only way to find out whether D. tityus occurs in your backyard is to try find them.

Virginia is like a middle of D. tityus occurrence, so should be a lot easier to locate them with substantial knowledge of course. You can't just find one like you would find a random ants or flies.

Many LED lights commercially available DO NOT emits UV to attract insects. I know there are some LEDs that does, but barely emitting to collect scarabs. There are some researches done regarding to use of LED UVs to attract moths, but with poor results came out. What's your location? Have you ever tried going into forest or state park? Make sure you look up whether your nearby state park or forest is permitted to collect insects. Easy rule is that if you can collect rocks, pebbles, or plants in there (permitted without any request), insects can also (usually) be collectable. NOT ALWAYS though..

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Yes, I've seen some rhino larvae frass here in my backyard. 

But... Didn't see any beetle larvae.🙁. Any tips on that? A bunch of eastern hercules beetle larvae frass but no larvae. What would be wrong?

Nope, it's not that easy even though I'm in the right location. I hunted for hours everyday and nothing but millipedes and big ants. 

Any suggestions? 

Maybe I'm probably the only person that is wanting Dynastes Tityus larvae lol. 

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1 minute ago, Dynastes TItyus hunter said:

I might buy some but that's the main goal. I want to catch them. That would be more exciting and memorable. 

Also, it is technically illegal to get them from out of state. I want to see that changed, but currently.... 

As far as LEDs, I have had good luck catching lucanids and some scarabs with a 395-nm, 10-watt LED spotlight. This is in my pesticide-ridden subdivision, so it will likely be even better in a more natural area. 

51 minutes ago, Dynastes TItyus hunter said:

I'm probably the only person that is wanting Dynastes Tityus larvae lol. 

Definitely not! Been searching my state for a few years. 

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