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Best flashlights for night searching


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Figured I’d start a (hopefully) fun chain here, what are y’all’s favorite flashlight brands/models to hunt with? I’ve seen a lot of people with cheap lights you’d pick up at a Walmart, but is anyone else here real into using a good quality, powerful light? I personally use an Olight S2R Baton II, since it’s incredibly convenient (this thing is less than 4 inches long and less than an inch in diameter) and more than powerful enough (400 lumens for 4 hours, 1150 for a few minutes, or 120 for 16 hours, and of course 15 lumens for I believe 100 hours) to night hunt with. 

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I use a COB LED flashlights that works with 18650 batteries. If you get genuine 18650 battery with a good quality COB LED flashlights, it works very perfect!

This is a link to the product I'm using:


And by the way, there are a lot of fake headlamps out there (such as: stating they can light up to 20,000 lumen, but actually not). So watch out for that. Most of them are priced very low.. The good COB LED flashlights with high lumen are usually stays around 20 dollars or over.

I have two headlamps with a lot of 18650 batteries with extra chargers to keep up with power.

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Headlamps are a natural. But, sometimes a flashlight is needed. I have a great flashlight which also has uv, I think I got it on amazon or ebay.

Cree Led 


It comes with a rugged case and it's multi use,tactical, and was apparently affordable because I bought it. 20 bucks I think.

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I run through so many headlamps that it is seriously frustrating. I've use to love my old black diamond. It was only 200 lumens but 10 years ago that was a $80 headlamp.

I've honestly switched to grabbing cheap $20 Walmart (Energizer) headlamps and they are amazing for one or two nights or decent herping/bugging. Link to product: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Energizer-Vision-HD-350-Lumen-LED-Headlamp-Includes-Batteries/47327204

Don't be an idiot and buy the floodlight version of this headlamp: https://www.walmart.com/ip/COAST-FL65-400-Lumen-Dual-Color-LED-Headlamp/698112133

Spotlights are the way to go!

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