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  1. During hibernations yes lol. That means a post hibernation tityus. A. I have read that lol, and B. Orin's word is not always right.
  2. Please no false info. Geotrupes splendidus has been collected by me on multiple occasions under carnivore dung, but never under herbivore dung. Most NA dung beetles prefer swine/human poop, both omnivorous creatures. Also, eating veggies for a day don't change your poop lol.
  3. Vastly reduce lifespan (they live up to a year kept properly with long dormancy). Plus still needs a short period of dormancy (shortened with handling and light/disturbance/artificial chamber), you might have not noticed it. Btw if you are in the US, it is not legal for you to own D.hercules (I owned some living in China a while back), please don't post on forums about rearing beetles illegally ;P.
  4. when I had those they lived a year. You still have plenty of time with the right care (I used apples personally)
  5. no... but your own risk is your own risk. Join a discord, some people imported illegals and sale them. Or go on a less moderated forum or insta. I don't own any non natives personally though. But if you want to take that leap it's possible.
  6. Okay. I got the collection data and I will check that. Hope I succeed. When should their dry/wet periods be?
  7. Okay. Hope I can get more info. Low 60s isn’t very cold though. Both my females are laying right now so I’m hopeful I can experiment with some.
  8. How does the seasonal thing work? Like do I deep freeze it or just put it in the cooler? And how dry/moist should it be? I can’t find any distinctive data on the internet, it’s all a bit vague. I keep the females separated but I don’t know how long I can leave the male with one. It seems to be really afraid of the female (jumps away etc. and doesn’t get remotely close) but the female is really chill and don’t do anything aggressive.
  9. I just got a male and 2 females and they are so adorable! Anyone have any tips on breeding them? I can seem to find anything online. Thanks!!!
  10. will you be selling or trading any grants? I have Strategus antaeus pairs and they look like cute little triceratops. Collection data available. I'd love to get some grants for myself. Thanks

  11. I collected a single Archophileurus cribrosus in Tx. If it is a female I wish to try my hand at breeding it and bringing this tiny rhino beetle into the hobby. If not I will pine the specimen. How do I go about sexing it?
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