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  1. Image says it all. Very interesting. Tityus is larger by mass but granti longer (63mm+ tityus vs 66mm+ granti)
  2. A male WC this year vs ones I bought off @aspeentomology. These are sooo cute lol
  3. Yes, NC. I got 7 tityus in a night and that was the biggest one I found.
  4. No clue yet. Gonna check in a few days
  5. I love tityus!!! Took three of my 5 males out to play around with last night, a minor male, mid one is around 55mm and the large one is def over 63mm (didn’t bother to accurately measure it, but I measured it in the field).
  6. Thanks! Currently have two live pairs and hopefully I get at least a dozen larvae out of them. These are adorable.
  7. X.jamaicensis I got from @Joopes. Hopefully these will breed well for me! Got some ash slabs I’ll hopefully be able to use. This is one of the last large eastern US beetle I haven’t really worked with/collected much of.
  8. Any tips? I acquired an adult female of C.lezni and an adult female of C. smaragadunus. Placed them in gallon tubs with good ventilation for now, both have 1.3 inches of moist coco fiber as substrate. And bark flats on the surface for them to rest and flip on.
  9. I went to Davis to light for a night, then backpack. I wasn't planning to find vogti there, gave up after San Antonio was a bust... Davis I went to early August, got 3 woodi, some gloriosa, and probably 30+ Xlyocrates, but the Xlyocrates didn't breed for me sadly.
  10. Chrysina woodi, glorisa, and Xylocrates I think. Would you be able to collect other inverts? I'm very interested in purchasing heros and various other inverts from there if you sell :).
  11. The issue is the lack of public land down there. I went down last year and ended up not lighting up bc of the lack of good sites. Went to west Tx the next day to do the Davis
  12. There were a recent paper confirming them to be in Michigan and Iowa. Canada is certainly possible but it would be extremely difficult to find one there
  13. I do light traps a lot if you’re interested. Lots of neat beetles in Michigan!
  14. If you want to breed Mallodon lmk. I got extras and don’t have enough tanks. Probably one of the most interesting US bycid
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