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  1. I went to Davis to light for a night, then backpack. I wasn't planning to find vogti there, gave up after San Antonio was a bust... Davis I went to early August, got 3 woodi, some gloriosa, and probably 30+ Xlyocrates, but the Xlyocrates didn't breed for me sadly.
  2. Chrysina woodi, glorisa, and Xylocrates I think. Would you be able to collect other inverts? I'm very interested in purchasing heros and various other inverts from there if you sell :).
  3. The issue is the lack of public land down there. I went down last year and ended up not lighting up bc of the lack of good sites. Went to west Tx the next day to do the Davis
  4. There were a recent paper confirming them to be in Michigan and Iowa. Canada is certainly possible but it would be extremely difficult to find one there
  5. I do light traps a lot if you’re interested. Lots of neat beetles in Michigan!
  6. If you want to breed Mallodon lmk. I got extras and don’t have enough tanks. Probably one of the most interesting US bycid
  7. Nice! If you ever find extra parallelus females I’m happy to trade! (I’m in Michigan as well). Rn I have around 10 adult tityus, some elaphus and capreolus, phileurus valgus and truncatus, Dorcus brevis etc. larvae of aloeus, antaeus, sleeperi, elaphus etc etc. I also have a lot of fiery searchers along with glowing click beetles (2 sp) and then 3 sp of Alaus. Nice to meet fellow hobbyists!
  8. "delete if not allowed" Shadow Roach Giveaway now live!!!!! Less than SEVEN DAYS LEFT to enter!!! We are giving away a starter colony of 30+ mixed sizes of shadow roaches! They are a cool jet black pathogenic roach! I mean, just their name is awesome! And, shipping is on us! It's free to enter, and if you win, it ships free to your residence! To enter the giveaway, you must join the discord BugTown at https://discord.gg/n6rnuJQJgT . Once you enter, click on the giveaway bot! Best of luck! (US only rn cause we can't ship out of country) BugTown is an invertebrate discord I just created the night before New Years, I want to make a new community to bring bug lovers together, there are already a great group of 200 people and I'm sure you will meet many new bug friends!!! If you missed our last isopod giveaway, or didn't get to win, check this one out! Roaches can be your new thing!!!!
  9. Also if anyone is wondering there will be no shipping fees
  10. New Years Giveaway now live!!!!! To celebrate this new year, there is an isopod giveaway! We are giving away a starter pack of 4 types of Isopods!!! The list goes as- 12 A Vulgare “magic potion” US line 12 A maculatum “zebras” 12 P scaber “ lottery ticket “ 12 P laevis “ dairy cows” The entry to this giveaway is a little unusual. To enter the giveaway, you must join the discord BugTown at https://discord.gg/7quQBvPxTC . Once you enter, click on the giveaway bot! Best of luck! BugTown is an invertebrate discord I just created the night before New Years, I want to make a new community to bring bug lovers together, there is a few more kinks to work out, but I sincerely hope you find your home there. See you soon!!!
  11. Join Bugtown at https://discord.gg/uUwDk6NnH2! It's a new invertebrate server I made since bug hub went down cause a mod went a little.... yeah. Feel free to join! see you there
  12. Not really any, all exotics are legal. A lot of natives are protected though
  13. Dorcus titanus is easy. Google stag beetles for sale and you should be able to find one. Their are very well made care guides out there, I'm sure you can find info on them
  14. Hi :). I’m a mod (Make all the jokes you want) in the invert discord bughub. It is a very active community with over 860 members and is constantly growing! It is very active with hundreds if not thousands of messages per day. It’s a great place to meet new people, sell/buy bugs, learn more about insects and get a fast reply on questions you may have. join with the link https://discord.gg/3AByURJfNK I hope to see you there. Feel free to ping me if you get in or say hi, my username is Immanus.
  15. Didn't breed them lol. I collected adults as well as larvae. Far as I know they breed in flake soil.
  16. I used flake soil. I had spare so why not. You can try different things, but they eat wood in the wild (found some in logs too)
  17. I get them often in the summer if you're interested
  18. I use my phone and it's been really successful lol. It covers a large area, and it's as bright
  19. Mine is @trogidae. I post some bugs stuff from time to time.
  20. During hibernations yes lol. That means a post hibernation tityus. A. I have read that lol, and B. Orin's word is not always right.
  21. Please no false info. Geotrupes splendidus has been collected by me on multiple occasions under carnivore dung, but never under herbivore dung. Most NA dung beetles prefer swine/human poop, both omnivorous creatures. Also, eating veggies for a day don't change your poop lol.
  22. Vastly reduce lifespan (they live up to a year kept properly with long dormancy). Plus still needs a short period of dormancy (shortened with handling and light/disturbance/artificial chamber), you might have not noticed it. Btw if you are in the US, it is not legal for you to own D.hercules (I owned some living in China a while back), please don't post on forums about rearing beetles illegally ;P.
  23. when I had those they lived a year. You still have plenty of time with the right care (I used apples personally)
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