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Hello Guys,


I am a new owner for these DHH, and I was wondering why are my larvas coming above ground?  I changed their substrate 2 weeks ago.  I was wondering if it is sick or maybe it is just going into that direction?







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It's entirely possible that they are just hanging out near the top for no reason, but if they stay there consistently, it's usually a sign that something is wrong, such as substrate composition, humidity, or ventilation. If you recently changed the substrate, they might not like the new sub for some reason. If they appear motionless or limp, then it means that they don't have enough air.

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What is your substrate made of?  Did you do a total substrate change, or only a partial change?  How much ventilation do the containers have, and what temperature are you keeping them at?  Are the larvae producing plenty of frass pellets?

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I got the substrate from the Titan Monster Shop and I added some rotted wood and sphagnum peat moss.  I drilled five holes for their ventilation and put pest tape on it.  The temperate is usually around 73-77 degrees and they are pooping a lot. 

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