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  1. I got the substrate from the Titan Monster Shop and I added some rotted wood and sphagnum peat moss. I drilled five holes for their ventilation and put pest tape on it. The temperate is usually around 73-77 degrees and they are pooping a lot.
  2. I looked at them again and they are now burrowed in the substrate. They keep moving around the substrate, which I thought is also bad? o.o
  3. Hello Guys, I am a new owner for these DHH, and I was wondering why are my larvas coming above ground? I changed their substrate 2 weeks ago. I was wondering if it is sick or maybe it is just going into that direction? Pics: https://ibb.co/4tpf9Cw https://ibb.co/ZgN48CL -Faith
  4. Hey guys, I just started my beetle hobby and I just recently got my DHH about 2 weeks ago. I was wondering how often do I need to check on my larva, I check on them once a week through their containers I haven't handled them since I moved them to their individual containers. I had bought substrate from the place I bought my larva along with rotted wood and sphagnum peat moss ( both from another seller) and mixed them up along with the substrate that they came with. I also read about people turning their substrate and I was wondering how would that be benefitable if it's the same substr
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