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Emerald Euphoria (Euphoria fulgida)


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Euphoria fulgida, the Emerald Euphoria - captive bred, generation F1.  The initial breeding stock was collected from thistle flowers in the Southern Great Plains.  Adults are surprisingly long-lived.  These emerged a year ago, and are still doing well.


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These look GREAT! Have they bred continuously during that year?

No, these adults emerged last spring, then sat around doing nothing all summer and fall, went into hibernation over the winter months, and then became active again just a few weeks ago.  They're now exhibiting breeding activity for the first time.  This species undoubtedly responds to changes in seasonal temperature / moisture in the wild, and in captivity, they get their timing somewhat confused.

And are you feeding them a kitchen sponge ?!!? 

The sponge is soaked in a brown sugar / water solution (ratio 50/50).

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13 hours ago, Hoolia said:

What absolute cuties! I'd love some larvae if you do have success with breeding!

Will post updates on my progress with them.  Another species I'd like to eventually try rearing is Euphoria monticola (Arizona), which has a blue-green color when viewed from certain angles.  Another photo.

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