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  1. So long story short I've collected over 50 eggs from one my D. Granti breeding boxes this evening, and I'll be probably selling a handful away if interested in the near future, thanks!
  2. Yes, i can confirm as well that adding this extra step in helps out a ton. Just simulates and tells the laying female that it's an optimal environment suitable for larvae growth.
  3. In my experience no less than once a week seemed to do the trick honestly. Even biweekly could work, but as stated already the longer you wait the greater chance previously laid eggs will become disturbed and or destroyed by a roaming female.
  4. So...out of curiosity for this conversation i let it pinch me, and i gotta say it did not feel great. Only a little blood was given today for science! Lets be honest you're just not safe. Probably feeds on the souls of the living...
  5. No kidding! Something like that I'd definitely be keeping in glass and not plastic...
  6. That sounds terrible! Last thing I'd need is to be bit in the middle of the night by those crazy mandibles! 😅
  7. They make wine coolers that are small and pretty cheap as well. What i currently use and it works great...no need to modify a fridge. Far as if it'll be ok it really depends on how much time the others have till they emerge to determine if the average life span for that species will last you. The only really downsides I've had regarding not hibernating is a shorter life span and fewer deposits of eggs...no deaths as far as i know that were directly correlated to this lack of overwintering.
  8. An angry one at that...you have no idea just how loud it was my dude. Certainly suprising!
  9. Just woke up to the sound of this one trying to chew its way out of my container...guess it was time to come out. 😅
  10. If i could afford buying that type of setup I'd definitely be out, so unfortunately any super serious collections will have to wait till after college...:(
  11. Whenever you're ready I'd be very willing to purchase. Need something with a little more color in my life...😅
  12. Do you all just use bugguide for identification then? Feel like I'm about to bother some people if i keep posting everything i don't know..
  13. This was found and I've never seen a body type like this, any ideas? Not even sure if it's a beetle tbh...lol Almost looks like an ant queen of some sort.
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