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  1. Hey all! I'm here visiting Washington with some friends and we wanted to go hiking/hunting for local arthropods in the area. Anyone local have some tips for this area? I'm used to desert searching. We have a couple younger kids tagging along and want to try to find a couple neat things like millipedes and shore crabs, but would love to hear your advice to make this memorable for them.
  2. Awe, so cute! Thank you for sharing an update! I'd love to see them continue to progress. I don't have any bugs yet that present parental care, but I'd like some so bad! So interesting and unique to witness!
  3. While not really beetles, Aquarimax is all about inverts and vivarium pets. Russ is a really neat dude. Very down to earth and knowledgeable, he livestreams once a week and will interact with is viewers. I know he's currently working to breed BDFB and will hopefully be documenting that process. BugsinCyberspace is really good to, he just barely made a youtube channel, but his Instagram is where his best content is.
  4. Wow! I'm very impressed! I love rhino roaches, but I really don't have the money for them. Kudos to you for the success with breeding! Hopefully, we'll just see more and more of them!
  5. Wow!!! ❤️ They've definitely been on my short list for a while, gotta get my hands on some. They are a species whose larvae need clay to pupate yes?
  6. What a handsome guy! ❤️
  7. What absolute cuties! I'd love some larvae if you do have success with breeding!
  8. Heyo! Been into inverts for a while, but just now getting into beetles. Grew up catching and raising bugs and have now recently gotten into inverts as a hobby. I have a handful of Blue Death Feigning Beetles as well as some Sleeper's Elephant Beetle Larvae. Fingers crossed with the larvae since it's my first time raising them, but so far they seem happy! Any tips to keep them happy is welcome!
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