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Dynastes grantii egg hatch time

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X. gideon ova hatch much faster in my experience. I've never experienced them taking more than ~40 days to hatch. For the Love of (third edition) states that the fastest hatch time is 30 days (which is quite rare), while most take two months or more. Apparently the record so far is seven months. Elevated temperatures could speed ova development, but I think it'd be foolish to assume you'll be getting a high hatch rate in less than two months time.

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If they haven't deflated or grown moldy, hold onto them. I've had some eggs take nearly five months to hatch. Most of the late-hatching larvae ended up being weaker than the early-hatching larvae and a few of them died. Moisture levels and temperature are important factors in determining the incubation time of some of the eggs, but some of them take a lot longer despite warmth and proper moisture levels.

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