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  1. Made this for my wifes kindergarten class. Got a bunch of them from the awesome Garin! Created a nice moisture gradient with compressed peat/sand mix at the bottom and 100% dry sand up top. These little guys are so much fun! They run all over the place, pick up kibbles and hide them from one another, run over the smaller A. laevis to make them play dead (which Ill probably remove to avoid larvae mix ups). The only one to stay and eat This is what happens when some kids play rough on the playground!
  2. The moisture level should be like this: if you hold a hand full in your hands and squeeze, it should clump together, but not produce drips of water. Adjust moisture accordingly.
  3. It's good to let the mixture breathe. I use a screened ventilated lid to keep the bugs out.
  4. That's a sad situation. I've been in that spot before but the sellers I've worked with always sent replacements. Unfortunate to hear this happened to you, sometimes adults just don't ship well from their 'origins'.
  5. Outstanding videos, Peter! Please tell me you have more
  6. @Kees Hood I sent you a PM since I saw you're into Dart Frogs
  7. Welcome! Nice to have another California member here.
  8. Thanks for the welcome Yeah my hope is to make an impact in their young lives, that insects and nature is something worth exploring. This is my second year teaching small groups at the local school and it's been very fun and rewarding. Last year I gave a presentation on spiders and why we need them and then brought in my dart frogs for the extraordinary creatures unit. I'm hoping to up the experience again this year by bringing in some large insects they can handle. I will be getting C. gloriosa larvae soon and hope to find some adult D. tityus and some D. granti larvae. I used to da
  9. Hey fellow hobbyists. I go by the same name on several forums and after leaving the hobby for 10 years, I'm finally ready for more! Ever since my wife started teaching kinders, it's giving me all sort of excuses to go back to my past obsessions lol. Now, even in this digital age, I can show them all sorts of awesome creatures that will hopefully make an impact on their lives.
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