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  1. When I was in florida, I saw many holes in trees that looked like there were larval chewing tracks, but I had no idea how to get in there and get them out! lol
  2. That was really uplifting to here! Haha! I was a bit disappointed to have not found much, but that won't keep me from trying! I'm hoping to go on a vacation or two this summer to visit family and while I'm out I'll see what I spot and do some research on what's in the area at the time as well!
  3. Thank for the encouragement and advice! Unfortunately I'm not trying to raise all the bugs I find. I'm trying to collect, so one day I can donate specimens to the museums around me! Though I do love raising bugs as well! I must be in a bad area cause pitfalls and black lights brought me nothing!
  4. Hello!! I tried out some pitfall traps to catch and see some bugs for the first time today. I just set them out a little while ago and was curious if anyone else ever tried this method and if so what were your results? I'm still here in florida, hoping to catch some critters and I'm having very bad luck! Flying things are so hard to catch! I'm a bit discouraged and have no idea how people catch butterflies and dragonflies! I've caught one good sized butterfly, one biggish dragonfly and one little dragonfly, but I saw tons of each! Just couldn't catch any!!!! Butterflies were the hardest as
  5. Hello! I'm currently on a vacation in Florida and was wondering if anyone knew some good places near the central east coast to bug hunt? I'm hoping to find some palmetto weevils!
  6. Species was a little too vague. I mean other animals in general like some mammals and stuff lol
  7. lol! Yeah, I know multiple species exhibit homosexual tendencies, but I didn't think that this beetle knew quite what was really going on!
  8. Something must have them becoming more active. I had a beetle jelly each for them that went untouched for a while and suddenly both are completely eaten up now lol
  9. I keep my male Dynastes tityus beetles in a plastic container that has dividers, one beetle in each divided space. I currently only have two male beetles, no females at all. Today, I had found that one had escaped his little area and was sitting next to the other male, and then just a few moments ago I found them trying to mate!! LOL! I know they aren't literally gay beetles, but it was pretty funny lol
  10. Are these from bugsincyberspace? Just curious as one of mine developed with wonky elytra as well. Don't think it has anything to do with Peter, he's incredibly talented with what he does. Was thinking maybe it's genetic. I don't think I'll ever know the answer, but I am curious!
  11. My Cynthia are eating lilac leaves and loving it actually! My Cecropia are on willow leaves! And I don't have the Promethea anymore:(
  12. I just had one eclose improperly. Sucks but it makes a cool dead specimen once it dies!
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