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Hello from Canada


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I live in Canada BC.

I used to breed a lot of breeds in Korea such as dorcus rectus, binodoculos, koreanus, titanius casticolor, etc...

However, I had to give them up when I came to Canada.

I was wondering If I could also get canadian stag beetles her and breed them

If any of you guys are selling any, contact me please

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Hi, I'm new to the forum, I'm from Mexico, also worth mentioning that I am new to breeding beetles, this is my first raising them year and by the time I do well, I have a peleagon galofa, tersander galofa, Strategus hope, xyloryctes, Cyclocephala Rutelinae maffafa and some that have already produced eggs and larvae, I would be interested to meet people who share beetles, larvae and advice, greetings.

Hola, soy nuevo en el foro, soy de México, tambien cabe mencionar que soy nuevo en la cría de escarabajos, este es mi primer año criandolos y por el momento voy bien, tengo unos galofa peleagon, galofa tersander, strategus hope, xyloryctes, cyclocephala maffafa y algunos rutelinae que ya han producido huevos y larvas, me interesaria conocer gente con quienes intercambiar escarabajos, larvas y consejos, saludos.

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