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River monsters anyone?


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I used to have a 30 gallon tank that I added sand, drift wood and aquatic plants to. I would go to the Wekiva river and dip my net through weeds and vegetation. I would catch lots of stuff like nice shiners, killifish, baby sunfish, tadpoles, and put them in the tank. Even added baby sirens. It was a really nice of FL aquatic life. Sadly the tank got over run by these tiny snails that hitch hiked on some of the plants.


I'm interested in starting one of those Amazon Planted Tanks. I've seen some amazing setups that even rival reef tanks.

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i keep freshwater predators aswell,been keeping fish since i was very young,right now i keep, datniodes,bichers,electric blue jack dempsey,leopard bushfish,peacock bass,paraya(sabor tooth tetra),crocodile fish,rhino pleco,indain leaffish. and some "normal" fish aswell huge black angel fish, crowntail/ giant placket bettas. gotta get another camera, no pics :(

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I only have a 29 ga at the moment, with a black convict, jade goby, and a polypterus senegalis. I used to be way more into the hobby, and had an arawana, jack dempseys, severums, and likes. I was always a fan of cichlids as they've got some of the best personalities, be it dopey (I'm looking at you Oscar) or down right mean. Always fun to watch.


When I move in August I plan to upgrade my current tank to a 55 with all the extras. I will be sure to post photos of it when it's complete (I'd show off the 29 but it's in kind of a rudimentary state in anticipation for the move.


...as for that 120 I spoke of...I still have it...soon to be housing beetles... :wub:

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