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  1. Preacher2, I guess my definition of rural is being completely surownded by Forrest, and not being able to see your neighbor from your porch. Bill Myers I know what you mean, I used to be complete surrender by desert and farmland, but in recent years the population has skyrocketed, so as a result most of the insects and reptiles have been pushed back :/
  2. I'm just wondering if anybody on this forum lives in the more rural parts of the country?
  3. In captivity they get around 3-4 feet. Right now he's 11" and once he gets to around 1.5' I'm going to put him in a 1,000 gallon tank. Oh and Ryan, your right. In the wild they get huge!!!!
  4. I have a aligator gar and a teacup ray in a 75 gallon. They are two of the coolest fish I have ever had, and they both have amazing personalities.
  5. More difficult to find, lol. Could you message me the name of the guy who you bought this from?
  6. This is one specie that everbody wants, but no one can find. Did you buy it as a dried specimen or live?
  7. The two larvae you found look like click beetle larvae and longhorn, but I could be wrong.
  8. If they are June bug larvae (which they look like), i'd consider buying them off you
  9. Are you breeding this specie, or just collecting them?
  10. Oh does anybody here catch giant vinagroons?
  11. Ya, I've never heard of anybody breeding these guys, that's why I asked. Thanks all who helped out.
  12. The circles on mine are like 1/5 that size, so it could be young eggs or just fat cells. Have you had succus at mating and rearing this specie?
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