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  1. Hey guys, any of you into fish? I know I am and I have a lot of tanks at home ranging from 10 gallons to 210 gallons. If ou want to make this post a place to put you setups that'd be cool.
  2. The bucephalus won and no mostly no harm is done. But there are exceptions
  3. I have heard of people crossbreeding D. Tityus and D. Granti and I myself tried it on Hercules and Neptunus but got only deformed specimines. I was wondering if the Larger dorcuses titanus, bucephalus, taurus etc. could cross. I was also wondering if cervus and elaphus could cross.
  4. Wow you guys have so many great opinions and in terms of the d. titanus v.s. d bucephalus look at this.
  5. Hey everyone, You probably already know this but fighting beetles is really big in Asia, and as I am Asian I myself do love it. I was wondering what stag beetle you thought is the strongest and what rhino/hercules is the strongest? For stags I would say Dorcus Bucephalus. For Rhino/Hercules I would say Dynastes Neptunus. I am interested i hearing your opinions, Leon
  6. Peter how large is your larvae? Do you mind posting pics?
  7. When you guys get them breeding, I would love to get some.
  8. That's sweet. But I only yell this is spartanburg on days when I feel sad. Anyone use baits?
  9. Hello Everyone, Just wondering, in your area what are your favorite beetles t find and what are your favorite methods? For me, I start out not and hunt for Ceruchus Piceus Larvae by just breaking open red wood. Later on I go under lights to catch my favorite of what we have here which are the Lucanus Capreolus. I am interested in hearing all of the different opinions and methods. Thanks, Leon
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