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Hi. My uncle broke open an old log with the dozer and 6 giant grubs fell out. He brought them to me and I did some online searching and here I am lol. After a few days of researching, I'm fairly certain they are L3 strategus aloeus. I'm going to attempt to raise them and breed them. I never knew we had such large and pretty beetles in the USA. I'm excited to learn more and hopefully expand my collection in the future. I've found so much great information and pictures here. I'm really glad I found this forum! -Janea

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Thanks for confirming what they are. I did lots of searching to try to figure that out. Five of them are still moving around quite a bit, so I don't think they are doing anything quite yet. The one with the dark spot hasn't changed, and I don't see him anywhere else on the sides, so I'm not sure what it's doing. I'm going to just leave them be for now.

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