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  1. Sounds good I have the second edition as well and plan on getting this ordered to add to my collection
  2. Hey guys just got this email from Jonathan Lai!: "The THIRD EDITION is 476 pages, hardbound, has 900 full color photographs, 46 chapters, and my collecting trip to Africa. The price is $70 USD, plus $30 USD for Registered Air Mail from Taiwan with tracking number. The book is very heavy, 1.6 kilogram. The total cost is $100 USD." Pretty psyched and will probably be ordering my copy soon.
  3. The description does not mention rotted leaves, most of the substrate I use is consistent of a 60/40 ratio of rotted oak and leaves.
  4. There's a few valid points, but again it doesn't address entirely selected species to import. I noticed they used a worst case scenario as an example, however what stops them from making exceptions to those who would go through courses perhaps in order to obtain an exotic pet license etc? With all due respect, I believe it may be too much work for the government to want to invest in and they probably don't see it worth while. Other countries have more of an open policy towards such trades and I haven't seen devastating crop losses in Japan for example. Honestly if we had enough people desiring it with petitions etc and a way the government could tax their way into it I see it plausible in allowing pet licenses or something similar to species with less of a threat. Sorry if this sounds oddly worded its late and my brain is scrambling...
  5. Nice! It's always nice to see benevolent people amongst the beetle community. I could tell by the way you posted you seem to truly love most organisms I want snakes like that, but my girlfriend already feels like the beetles and the dog are enough -3-
  6. Why is it weird? Legally you are not allowed to purchase live invasive species and not too long ago it wasn't very smart to publicly post what species etc. WHY does it MATTER how HE posts?
  7. They tend to eat it sometimes which is okay never had deaths just don't let it get moldy too much and or develope dark mold.
  8. Possibly germs? Humans come in contact with a huge amount of germs during the day..I've been trying to use gloves lately just in case. Or a spoon.
  9. I just use a large strainer got mine for $2 at goodwill. Just put the substrate shake it and typically the pellets are all on top.
  10. Welcome Janea glad to have you on board! You should post pictures on the picture section to see how big they are!
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