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Hemiphileurus illatus


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Whoa nice pic!


Thank you :)



Here's a little update. 4 specimens have emerged so far (unfortunately, one of them has a genital prolapse) and more are coming on their way so I'm expecting to see all emerge within next month.









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What do you feed yours? I was using dog food but it got moldy quick, now I use cut up superworms. Can you tell me the minimum container that I can use for breeding?


I'm currently keeping mine dormant, but I used to feed my adults some dog foods, and occasionally pupae of various beetles.


The smallest container I used for breeding this species was a 32 oz deli containers. You can probably find them at local restaurants :)

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My largest H. illatus male emerged two days ago (consequently, my largest female illatus emerged on the same day). I checked on him today and he looked less fragile than he was before so I took some pics of him :)













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Please, tell me kindly, how you made them lay eggs? Today I have 3 pairs from Arizona nd they dont make eggs.


All I did was placing them in grounded oak. They laid eggs in this substrate without any problem :)

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