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Rhinoceros beetle breeder UK


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Hi guys my name is Peter I run the website www.Rhinobeetle.co.uk I specialize in breeding and supplying rhinoceros beetles in a variety of species all year round.

it is great to find a forum completely dedicated to beetles I think I will be at home here :D . I currently have around 100 larvae in a variety of species and a couple of adult pairs also (Dyastes tityus) check out my website for all the current offers and feel free to email me if you have any questions or inquires. I will post some photos of all my larvae and beetles here ASAP.


P.s. I can ship to those outside of Europe if you email me I will figure out the P&P but it is usually no more than £10 even to those in america/canada. I also have in depth caresheets which I can email to anyone who wants one.


Thanks for checking out my post I hope I can get to know some of you better,



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Welcome! I've seen you around as well on Bugnation (my handle on there is Greg Collins). Check your inbox, I sent you a P.M. ;) For some reason my my email provider isn't recognizing your email address :blink:

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