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  1. I taped stretched out t shirt material over the holes and over the top of the bin. Worked perfectly! No gnats!
  2. If I had a food source for them, I might consider another shot at it, but this whole thing has cost me so much money and 2 years of my time. Not saying that I minded waiting, but it was such a disappointment. The substrate is hard to get unless you order it from Taiwan, and the stuff you can get here is probably not going to be the best. Now I have 2 girls, and they probably won't be around much longer....they are already about 5 months old. I had planned to dry and frame the males once they lived out their life, but now I just have the females. I may dry them once they pass, who knows. Speaking of that, would a food dehydrator work to dry them? Anybody know?
  3. I give up.....did my best..probably better than most...I failed.
  4. Thanks! I am just soooo irritated. I spent so much time and money on this. Makes me sick :-(
  5. Nevermind......both males didn't make it. Cells got crushed maybe, not sure. !
  6. Hey guys, My male Dhh have still not emerged. The females emerged in April and it seems to me that the males should have emerged by now, being that they were all kept in the same tub. I now have to make a decision whether to check on the males. If I do check on them and find that they have pupated, is there a method to replicate their cell and prevent them from dying? I had heard something about using a toilet paper roll? Any info you guys could provide would be awesome - thanks!
  7. They have been buried for months.....the only way to peek is to dig them up and i am afraid i could injure them if they are still alive.
  8. Hey guys, still waiting on my 2 male Dhh to emerge. It has now been over 3 months since my first female emerged, and close to 2 months for the second female. They were all housed in the same tub and I am concerned that something is wrong. Should I be????? What should I do? Anything? I will just be so irritated if the males didn't make it! Seems to long. It has almost been a full 2 years. HELP! Thanks!
  9. Thanks Jordan, i had read that if you house the males and females together, which i did, that the females would give off a pheremone that would cause the males to pupate at the same time. Not sure that this is totally true, but it would seem to me that the males would take longer regardless. I will hold tight and hope for the best! Thanks again!
  10. Thanks Matt. My impatience does not mean that I want to risk injuring the pupae. I just need some guidance from someone who knows about Dhh. Seeing that you are suggesting waiting another month tells me that this is normal and that I don't need to lose hope thinking that something may be wrong. Thank you very much for that! I have 2 years into this and I really want it to work out. :-)
  11. Sorry to keep bugging you guys, no pun....LOL. So, both my female Dhh have emerged. The first 2 months ago and the second about 2 weeks ago. Neither of my males have emerged and I am getting concerned. Would this be unusual? They were all kept in the same bin, so I assumed they would all emerge within a reasonable time of each other. Should I wait it out? Should I dig them up to see if they are okay? Not sure what to do, but what i do know is that I am getting impatient......UGH!. I have spent 2 years on this and I dont want to screw it up. Please let me know what I should do. I totally appreciate your collective knowledge!!!!!! :-)
  12. I have the same error under my notifications tab
  13. My second female finally emerged today! Where the heck are the males????? Ugh, this waiting game is killing me! LOL
  14. I saw two spots originally at the bottom of the tub. They are still there, but thats all I can see is dark spots with a little bit of light color in the center.
  15. For anyone out there that knows about Dynastes hercules hercules, on Saturday it will be a month since my first female beetle emerged. I supposedly have one more female and two males who have yet to emerge. Should I be concerned? I would have thought that at least one more would have showed up by now. They were all reared in the same container. My roommate took the bin outside when the first one emerged because of a fungus gnat problem and I am hoping the container didn't get set down to hard and crush the cells. Any information would be greatly appreciated.....thanks guys!
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