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Where are you from?


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I know this isn't really introducing yourself but I thought it would be nice to know where everyone is from! There may be people who live close by on this site and don't even know it!


I'll start it off, I live in West Virginia most of the year and yes Wesr Virginia is its own state. :P During the summer I live in Virginia. So if you are passing by come say hello and maybe we can try some collecting!

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South Carolina. :). I've been to VA and WV, Jordan. Next time I'll try to contact you. I went before I knew you. So... ya.


By the way...


I was born in Summerville, SC, which is the low country! NOW, I live in the upstate. I live in a small town called Duncan. So I am not far from NC, if any of you are in NC.

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How far is Duncan from Anderson? I have a friend there that I might end up visiting some time!


I've been to anderson. People at my church are from there. Like an hour... maybe 45 minutes? Not too shabby! Haha! When do you plan to visit? I got my license not too long ago so I'd be willing to meet half way and collect somewhere. Although... you might want to collect here in Duncan, it is a great place! I found like 50 platycerus larvae the other day...

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