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  1. You said it made you feel high and clearly thats part of whats making you feel all of those symptoms. I dont think its a good ideas to use cannabis products and Xanax considering those are both medications that people will use to feel high.
  2. I just use some rope between trees to make 2 different lines. One line to clip my sheet to and one line to hang the light from.
  3. I haven't used a flashlight like this personally but I have a feeling you won't draw in much with it. I use a 400w mercury vapor light with external ballast almost every night during the summer with pretty good results but I wouldn't want to settle for much less. Since it's battery powered you have limited use and flashlights are designed to direct a beam of light which won't be as effective as a bulb which sends out rays in all directions. I think this is the better low cost option. http://www.bioquip.com/specials/product_special.asp
  4. Around $8-$10 ish. When rating quality, think about it like this: A1 -perfect, wild caught specimen A1+ -perfect, captive bred (I don't see this one used as often) A1- -almost perfect with maybe very minor flaws A- -pretty noticeable flaws A2 - extensive damage
  5. http://www.uky.edu/Ag/CritterFiles/casefile/insects/beetles/hercules/hybrids.htm Interesting topic. I think the concern most people have is irresponsible containment/labeling of hybrids. The idea of someone selling a hybrid Allomyrina dichotoma septentrionalis x Allomyrina dichotoma tunobosonis as just one or the other could really disrupt things.
  6. If you are even interested in keeping Dynastes tityus let me know! I have extra adult pairs right now. I also have a Mercury Vapor collecting light that I basically run all summer and always welcome anyone to come out.
  7. What part of Virginia? I'm in Manassas. Always happy to meet up with other bug fans if you are in the area. Pewrune, when you say from, do you mean you are still in the area?
  8. Don't waste your time. I have already gone through the process. Level 1 and 2. Once you get past that and apply for your specific permit, there are many questions about your facility. The USDA wants the option to randomly come and check your facilities. None of us really have the proper set up. On top of that, once I submitted my application it took months before I heard anything back. When I did here back they were just asking more questions. I answered all the questions and even drew up a diagram of my building floor plan. Took a couple more months to hear back and then they started asking q
  9. Here is a fantastic site that shows the difference between Chalcosoma. http://www.virtual-beetle.com/index2/dynastes/chalcosoma.html
  10. Hello all, I'm moving from New Mexico to Virginia on the 31st. I have to make a trip to San Antonio first so I'm going to continue on the southern route. Going through Houston, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Mobile, Montgomery, Atlanta, Greenville, Charlotte. If I pass by you let me know and I'd love to make an attempt to stop by and collect with you. Jordan
  11. For question 1, I'm not exactly sure what you are referring to but I'll touch on two possible points. If you are just relaxing the beetle then use hot water or a relaxing chamber. Beetle preservation is simple due to their hard bodies that do not decompose so relaxing them in water vs. alcohol doesn't make much difference. If you are referring to wet preservation then use alcohol. Long storage in water would lead to mold. For question 2, one the beetle is positioned you can just leave it out to air dry. It takes a couple days but the body and legs will dry and harden up again. Once they ar
  12. There are a lot of open ends to this. I'm guessing you are talking about live insects since you mentioned breeding. It just depends how rare they are and if they have unique characteristics. If it's an extremely commonly breed species then the prices is naturally going to drop since sellers are going to drop there prices to make theirs more desired than other sellers. There are species though that aren't as available. Use the U.S. Megasoma species for example. They always demand high prices because they are rare and most time people don't want to sell them because it will lower the
  13. It's all subjective. It's worth as much as someone is willing to pay. Some collectors will see those imperfections on the elytra as undesirable while others won't care. It all just depends on standards. Often times collectors won't put a pin through a beetle because it can decrease value. That doesn't mean that it decreases value for everyone though.
  14. I'll trade you a female for a male ;D She is also overwintering right now. Edit: I should have payed attention to your location.. wahhhh.
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