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Ometeo's picture thread


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The following specimen was collected from the Angeles National Forest, found in well decayed wood which showed signs of burning, suggesting a possible forest fire.

Adults were collected in the same vicinity of larger, yet to be identified Elateridae larvae.

Small wire worms (larvae) were also collected from the same pieces of wood.


Family: Elateridae

Tribe: Ampedini

Genus: Ampedus

Species: cordifer (Ampedus cordifer)




Bugguide.net mentions the species name deriving from the latin "cordis" (heart), possibly due to the heart shape at the tip of the elytra.



Excuse the bad shots, but these little guys are constantly on the move.

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Orin, as What pointed out the clicks are between 7-12mm. I was able to collect at least half a dozen adults that were wandering on the wood, but I am sure that there is bound to be more of them in the bigger pieces that haven't been pulverized.

I do not know the original collection data of the D. tityus but I was told the colony which they come from has been reared in captivity for a long time (5+ years).

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I am always pleased to find beetles amongst leaf litter, this little fella however came in a wood pile collected two days ago.

Ground beetles are such neat predators, I mean, look at that mean face!

Family: Carabidae

Tribe: Pterostichini

Genus: Pterostichus

Species: unknown.

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