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has anyone had success rearing mecynorrhina oberthuri decorata?

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From what I have read, M. oberthuri is considered to be more difficult to rear than other species of Mecynorhina; not because the larvae are problematic, but because there is apparently a much higher probability of die-off during the pupal cell stage.  At least, this was the case with early efforts in rearing the species; it's possible that some hobbyists have since made improvements to the rearing process.

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On 3/12/2022 at 12:26 PM, builtlikedorcus said:

It is a truly wonderful species, and so far I have had 2 out of 6 larvae die at L2 and the others move onto L3.

has anybody managed to rear healthy adults?

About 25 years ago I got 6 L1 and they grew into big, healthy grubs and decent pupae. Four died in the pupal cell, one lived a few days as a beetle and the survivor lived a few months.  

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