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    Scarabaeoidea, Glomerida, Sphaetheriida and Polydesmida breeding.

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  1. Hello, thank you for all that information! I am infact rearing Gnorimus sp larvae which I removed from cutdown trees last year. They have build pupacells two weeks ago. Best regards, BeetlebreederGermany
  2. Hello @Goliathus, would you mind sharing how you bred this species? I would love to know! Also I would like to hear how your Trigonopeltastes breeding goes on, if you can start it. Greetings, BeetlebreederGermany
  3. Good evening, I wanted to ask if someone here has experience in rearing or breeding Gnorimella maculosa. It seems like that species isn’t in breeding and I couldn’t find data regarding breeding online. Best Regards, BeetlebreederGermany
  4. Hello, I think it’s time for an introduction here. I‘m BeetlebreederGermany, I‘m from Germany and since roughly 6years breeding beetles. Right now I have around 18 species in breeding, 3/4 of them being Cetoniinae, while the other 1/4 are a small amount of other Scarabaeidae and one Tenebrionidae. I‘m keeping my focus on small-middle sized species and I am especially interested in breeding Trichiini. You might know me from my Instagram page (same name) or my Discord server, both revolving about beetles. Please ex
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