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Keeping and breeding newly emerged Goliathus goliatus

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Hello, In the past few weeks I have been fortunate enough to have one male and one female Goliathus goliatus emerge from their pupal cells. I am wondering if anyone can help me with adult husbandry and breeding. So far I have them together in one of the 6x4x6 inch enclosures that held one of their pupal cells. I just emptied it, put about 1.5" of flake soil and coco fiber at the bottom, a piece of cork bark for them to climb on, a small water dish, and i've been feeding them mostly mango and beetle jelly. I must admit that I don't really know what I'm doing though. This was meant as a temporary enclosure. My main concern is that humidity might be too high and ventilation too low, but I don't know. Should I have the male and female together all the time, or just put them together occasionally? How deep should the substrate be? Ideal temp? I'd really like to get some larvae out of these guys, so any knowledge would me much appreciated, especially from someone who has been successful in breeding this species in the past. Thank you!

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There's a breeding manual here - 


A few aspects of it are a bit outdated though, mainly in regard to the ideal pupation substrate.  For info on that, please see pp. 12-22 of the following document - 


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Were you able to raise full size beetles? My first attempt resulted in a dwarf, under 40g, and the beetle died partially formed in the pupal cell. 

I'm hoping for better results with the current grubs.

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@Goliathusthank you!

@kevinkthese are my first G goliatus, but from everything I can tell, they're full sized. The male was 79g at pupation and is just over 3" long (abdomen to horns). The female isn't much smaller. I'd include photos, but for some reason I can't do that on here. I just made an Instagram post showing them and the new setup I just put them in. Here's the link https://www.instagram.com/the_bug_dad/p/CXHKsVfP3uk/?utm_medium=copy_link or just search the_bug_dad on Instagram.

P.S. I had to shorten the cork bark because the male immediately climbed to the top and started pushing up the lid. These suckers are strong! Also, if anyone has any critiques, my ears are open. I really want to get this right.

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Read as much as you can, Goliathus gave you some good articles. I've read others, and it never hurts to get other people's experiences.

As more of us raise these guys successfully, there's going to be more ideas out there.

The weights of your beetles sound more like what they should be, but they can get bigger.

Your enclosure sounds small, I'd try for something larger. Your beetle looks great.

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