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  1. Thank you! How important is it that I have flake soil? I understand that the larvae do ingest substrate before switching to just protein treats. I could probably try to make some in time.
  2. So, one of my Goliathus larvae has been in pupation for just over 5 months now. This is my first attempt at rearing this species. From what I understand, it should have completed metamorphosis by now, and is in a dorment state. So my question is, what now? I can't just wait for it to emerge, because the substrate is flush against the tight lid. I'm assuming that I should remove the pupation chambers and place it in a new home (maintaining its orientation) until it emerges? Should I open it up and remove the beetle? Also, any suggestions on substrate are welcome. I am hoping to have a mating pair eventually.
  3. Hello, I'm a bug hobbyist based in Detroit. I've been in the more general bug hobby for over 5 years. Starting with hissers and Amblypygids, I now have a whole room dedicated to the hobby where I keep everything from springtails to tarantulas to millipedes, and much more. I've always wanted to get more into beetles. I currently have 4 Goliathus larvae, one of which has recently begun pupation, and the largest of which last weighed in at 63 grams. I have 11 blue death feigning beetles, which have recently given me at least one larva. I am planning on buying an incubator and am really hoping to rear that species. I have had two Dynastes tityus larvae in the past, one of which I was able to rear to adulthood as a minor male. my long term goal is to get a permit to keep Allomyrina dichotoma (Japanese helmet beetle). I'm looking forward to learning from all of you. Cheers!
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