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chalcolepidius breeding

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Any tips? I acquired an adult female of C.lezni and an adult female of C. smaragadunus. Placed them in gallon tubs with good ventilation for now, both have 1.3 inches of moist coco fiber as substrate. And bark flats on the surface for them to rest and flip on. 

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Oh nice, you got lezni too! :D Unfortunately you likely won't find anyone here with experience breeding these. I'd use flake soil or crushed rotten wood as the substrate TBH, it's finer and so might be easier for them to oviposit in, not to mention it might give larvae something to nibble on before eating each other IF they have the little grace period some Elaterids have where they eat rotten wood for the first few instars... If they are like Alaus though then that won't matter and they'll hunt each other down the moment they hatch.

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