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Happy Birthday To Inky!


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Well, not exactly sure how old she is, but the receipt said May 28 last year! I've owned this adult Harlequin Flower Beetle I got from BugsInCyberSpace last year for a year now. She's officially the 3rd longest owned insect we've owned and is the oldest Scarab we ever owned! 


Not a good picture. I just sprayed down the cage and she turns dark.

I chose a yellow candle as it seems to be a common color when it comes to her. lol

And no, this candle was not lit!

If you're wondering about the setup it's because she has no tarsi and has a problem with moving a leg. She can no longer walk on substrate but she does very well on cloth. She can climb around and burrow  in it too, despite having no tarsi. This is the "retirement cage" made for older or injured insects that have difficulty moving around. Luckly, it's pretty peaceful for her  as she is the only insect in there....but possibly not for long. We have a halloween hissing cockroach who's lost all tarsi. Another yellow bug to eat bananas with her(Inky HATES sharing food with others). 

How much longer do you think she could live?

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Yes, among scarabs, Gymnetis thula can be unusually long-lived - even longer than the upper average for many larger scarab species.  A year is pretty remarkable, even for thula.  Undoubtedly, it's due to your exceptional care.

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