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Insects and Invertebrates of St. Thomas USVI


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I have a book of butterflies and other insects of the Eastern Caribbean.-It's a small book, only 85 pages, but there are a lot of all the orders

represented, it'll vary from island to island, and the time of year, even in the tropics. There are a number of beetles, lots of butterflies and moths,

and other insects. Bringing them back, I couldn't guess, but it's probably something you need to have a permit for to do legally. When I visited

the Dominican Republic years ago, I went with a group and nobody declared anything, I even brought back livestock. A tourist destination like that

is going to have less scrutiny than say, Columbia or Peru. Act naturally...

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On 1/7/2021 at 9:32 PM, Reyes said:

I am wrong

It's an easy mistake, unfortunately, nearly  all interstate shipping, even of natives legally requires a permit, importing from off shore is going to be prohibited 

as well. Even shipping deadstock can require a permit if it's out of the country. I got into an argument once with a postal clerk and stomped off to a different

post office where I changed my declaration form.

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