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Mimicking Beetle Roach, Yellow Egg like things protruding from rear


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My female mimicking beetle roach has these 2 weird yellow things protruding from her bottom. She had these ever since I got her and thought it was normal. They have gotten smaller and darker in the middle. When I looked at images of female Beetle roaches, all them I saw did not have these. Are these eggs that are stuck inside her or something worse? Really weird.



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10 hours ago, Bugoodle said:

Unfortunantly no. I have poor quality cameras when it comes to up-close images. What type of prolapse is it? 

Well if it is a prolapse, then there is no treatment, other than to let her be and hope it doesn't shorten her life much. Doesn't appear to be that severe of a prolapse, and if she's still eating and pooping and stuff, she should be fine. 

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