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What's the best lures for Eastern Hercules Beetle and Grapevine Beetle?

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The best thing for bringing in those two species is a UV light set-up.  Lucanus elaphus and L. capreolus will also come to UV.  Strategus spp. too, along with countless other beetle genera.

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Thanks! I use a UV, but it's a bug zapper. It hangs over a stand. Luckly, the protector  bars are too small for most beetles to even climb through. A few years back I did get a grapevine beetle, under the bug zapper stand, but as of now, even with new tastier lures nothing! It was just a fluke that  year. What wattage of a UV bulb is recommended? Will UVA bulbs work? Is a white flood light good? I see that Hercules beetles enjoy buzzing around big white lights in parking lots. 

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