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right place, right time


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Took this photo in my backyard, right after a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon.

The rainbow only lasted just a few minutes, but I think it was the most vivid one I've ever seen; I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time.


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7 hours ago, Ratmosphere said:

Beautiful. Wish they rained out Lucky Charms marshmellows. XD

Yes, I'm sure that would be a lot less of a mess than the lemon meringue pies that usually come flying out of them!

1 hour ago, JKim said:

Good images! I think I have always seen two rainbows together, and rarely ever seeing a single one.

I get the impression that a large percentage of rainbows are in fact double, but that one is always much fainter than the other, and not as noticeable.

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