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Unexpected alarm

Alex Shaffer

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Assuming that is Orthosoma brunneum, I had a similar experience last year. It managed to push the lid off of its enclosure and wake me up at 4 am by flying circles around my room. The funny thing is, I somehow knew exactly what it was the moment I heard it buzzing in the dark; I wasn't even confused. They're just crazy animals. 

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3 hours ago, Alex Shaffer said:

That sounds terrible! Last thing I'd need is to be bit in the middle of the night by those crazy mandibles! 😅

A bite from a Titanus giganteus would be worse! - 




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2 hours ago, Alex Shaffer said:

No kidding! Something like that I'd definitely be keeping in glass and not plastic...

It's the big longhorn beetles that have short mandibles (like Titanus, Callipogon, and Xixuthrus) that can pinch really hard!  Some of the long-jawed types though, such as Macrodontia and Psalidognathus, look like they might be able to exert considerable pressure too, just because of their large size.

I've been surprised at how hard the bite from even our native Mallodon dasytomus can be, and I'm sure that Derobrachus is similarly strong, if not stronger than M. dasytomus.

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So...out of curiosity for this conversation i let it pinch me, and i gotta say it did not feel great. Only a little blood was given today for science! 

3 hours ago, aspenentomology said:

It wouldn't surprise me if it chewed threw the glass too haha. Maybe a steel box would be better. 

Lets be honest you're just not safe. Probably feeds on the souls of the living...

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