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Chrysina woodi (video)


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A short video (silent) of a couple of captive-reared Chrysina woodi (Blue-legged Jewel Scarab) that have just emerged.  They're found in several mountain ranges in West TX and Southeastern NM.  Even with video, it's hard to show just how intensely blue the tarsi actually are; incredibly metallic - they almost seem to glow.  The potential for keeping this species breeding multi-generationally in captivity looks quite promising, with the improved Chrysina rearing technique I've been using over the past year.  I don't think that rearing this genus is very difficult at all, so long as certain needs are met, especially in regard to the pupal cell stage.


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1 hour ago, Hoolia said:

Wow!!! ❤️ They've definitely been on my short list for a while, gotta get my hands on some.

They are a species whose larvae need clay to pupate yes?

I hope to have some surplus woodi (and beyeri) larvae available in the very near future.

Yes - clay soil is key to getting them to build pupal cells - the same type of soil that I've been using for Lucanus elaphus larvae (see the following thread for more info) - http://beetleforum.net/topic/3903-lucanus-elaphus-larvae-care/?tab=comments#comment-22574


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