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A few photos of a nice male Dynastes tityus (68 mm) that emerged today. This is only 2.75 mm shorter than what I think might possibly be the record size (70.75 mm) for this species. He's one of several of equal or comparable size that I've had emerge over the past couple of weeks. They took 2 years to go from egg to adult. It's been my experience that the largest individuals from each generation tend to take the longest to mature, although this is not necessarily always the case, as I have also had quite large specimens reach adulthood in less than 1 year. However, all of my largest ones have taken 2, I believe.

Of morphological note: I've found that in XL specimens, the cephalic horn often tends to be a bit longer than the thoracic one, and there is also a more pronounced development of the small lateral horns.






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