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Laws on transporting beetles, dead/alive, from south america to north america

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Before I write this, no, I am not originally planning on bringing any animals across the border. I only want to do this if it is safe, which I severely doubt.


I'm going to Bolivia over Christmas and want to know the laws on bringing insects (specifically beetles) across the border from Bolivia to California, dead or alive. I'm pretty sure that it's a huge no no but want to make sure just in case there are exceptions/loopholes/it is completely legal. The beetles in question would be scarabs, prionids, click beetles, etc and obviously, if possible, dynastes, megasoma and other giants.


Again, I know that this is most likely a no but I can not find anyone who actually knows the specific laws/regulations and google has been no help.





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I believe it's illegal to collect insects in South America.

It's also illegal to take insects to the U.S from any other country. My friend succeeded in bringing

some beetles to the U.S from Korea long time ago.

However, i doubt you can do those kinds of things now.

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I know Columbia only allows Dynastids that were captive bred by licensed breeders. Mexico is almost impossible unless you have contacts there (mostly reserved for scientific work) - and these are both exporting rules. Importing into the US would require import permits from USDA and FWS.

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