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Flashiest Beetles. What's your favorite?


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I'm hoping to use my beetle hobby as a teaching tool for kids, so I was wondering what your favorite shiny flashy fun beetles are. I found a (dead) fiery searcher which I thought was super cool.


What are your favorites (domestic and exotic) and are you currently raising them?




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Calosoma are always great choices. I like using Pasimachus and various cicindelids as well. I want to get my hands on some Chrysina too but haven't made a trip west yet or found someone that can ship me a massive box of them (and other nice southwestern inverts). Though not as flashy, erotylids and tenebrionids work well too. I can't say too much about non-native US species since I've been mostly focusing on natives, but I know there are TONS out there :)

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Cool pic. Pretty beetle

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