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  1. And the larvae will be okay if it dries out too?
  2. Thanks. I am thinking of switching them to dry sand for a few days to see if it helps. Should help, right?
  3. I've been keeping these guys in coco coir for about a month now and guess what? There are now larvae! The two adults are having mite problems, so I'm removing the larvae as I find them. Keeping them in coir with dog food and carrot to eat and some have grown quite nicely while others are still tiny. Would love some more help with ID and any care tips. Thanks, Chuck
  4. Welcome to the forum Grace! I wish I had been more interested in beetles when I lived there.
  5. Awesome info! Thanks The environment where we found them was so incredibly dry that a brush fire broke out from an unattended campfire or something. We gave them a bit of humidity as a break, but that's probably the wrong thing to do. I'll have to switch containers for them today.
  6. Howdy y'all! Found these up the valley a ways. Any idea what species they are? Care tips, feeding etc. too. Thanks, Chuck
  7. Zophobas morio are a great darkling beetle. They are sold under the brand name superworms here in the States.
  8. Wow! Cool collection. Love those jumnos ruckeri pfanneri!
  9. Don't change it. Just add fresh every couple of weeks.
  10. Nice! Are there record sizes for this species?
  11. Hey. Welcome! I lived in Tucson 20 yrs ago. Wish I had known about the beetles then. Cherrypicker - that means you get only the best, right? Chuck
  12. I hear we have P. vindex down here in deep south Texas. Any interest in those?
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