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Big Dynastes tityus larva


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This is the only D. tityus I have ever found in FL. I found him back around February outside of East Orlando. Hes been growing much quicker than all of my other D. tityus larvae. All of my other D. tityus larvae are between 16-22 grams but this big boy just pushed 27 grams not too long ago. I hope he will get a little bigger before he pupates. I never feed any special supplements to my larvae. Only decayed leaves and wood that is collected locally. It will be interesting to see how big he will be once he becomes an adult. Has anyone else raised any huge D. tityus before?













Here's a Comparison pic of the 27 gram larva next to one that is 17 grams


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30 g is a pretty impressive weight for d.t. I had a group of dt larvae all of them pupated before they reached 20g. Super!



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