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Thingy that tells you the users online.


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Googlebot accesses web pages every few seconds, how Google uses this info I don't know. It's a web crawling robot, it detects links on each page and adds them to its list of pages to crawl.

There are ways to prevent Googlebot from following any links on your website. There is also a way to block Google from access to your files and directories of your server using the no follow meta tag.


It's to let sites get more web hits on Google, by sacrificing your members privacy. I don't know if I like that.

Bingbot is by Microsoft, same thing though, don't know why Microsoft needs to be on here, is Microsoft a search engine? Why would they even need this?

Data mining tools is what I see.

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Google acts essetially as a not for profit, other than ads. I'm saying it's not corporate, it has stocks and lawyers. It seems it's trying to do good, Google books for example. I just feel that Microsoft has already revelaed itself as a sell out. I still have faith in Google, even if it's naive.




It's how I found all of you! : )

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Google just acquired Boston Dynamics. They build robots for warfare. Why would they need this company?

I still use Google, but I see no reason to have faith in them.

Google is a multinational corporation, they make billions of dollars per year just on ads.

Google foundation is their little nonprofit Google.org set up to look good, corporations don't have ethics they exist for profit.

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