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making kinshi


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so i tried making kinshi, but failed badly.

I used king oyster mushroom plugs, but they never seemed to work.

However, when i used king oyster mushroom mycellium, it seemed to work better since it contaminated the jars faster.

Anyone know the complete step by step guide to make them? I have some plugs left, don't wanna let them go to waste.


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HEY! I've been working on this and it's really difficult. I've used half gallon mason jars with injection ports, quarter in drilled holes covered by micropore tape. I then pressure cooked them at 17psi to 20 psi. Waited overnight for them to cool and then inoculated each with 2ccs of turkey tail. They took! All of them. But growth slowed because the jars are drying out….

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Yeah, I used only one hole. I've read that air exchange or gas exchange ( obv. not a mushroom guy) is a precaution. I think it would be a great deal more succesful with 1/16" or 1/32" holes. I added more water with a syringe (not sterilized) I don't think it'll work but I'll let you guys know. I think the best way to do it with plugs is in a sealed clean room (seems difficult), you can see some online (super jank), which is why I chose liquid culture. Using spawn makes the jar colonize faster, and you get more bang for your buck.


Try doing it under a super large see through tuperware container, make sure it's clean.

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