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Hello. I live in North Carolina. I came from South Korea and it has almost been three years since we moved to America. I am happy1892 on other forums. My name is Nathaniel and I am 15 years old. I have two possibly Lucanus elaphus larvae and one unknown larva I found under a barely rotten oak tree trunk. I have caught Dynastes before. I play starcraft 1. I am happyABC on starcraft 1.

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Thank you two for the welcome. Lucanus: your avatar pic in the recent past was of a dog in a pink place. How long did you have that avatar? I thought it was funny. Does that offend you?


I think I had that up for several months (his name is King, one of the characters on a webcomic called Housepets). It didn't offend me because it IS one of my favorite characters in that comic. I kinda regret taking down that pic now since I don't remember where I got the image from :(

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