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I have noticed the same, I have no answers, as I do not write down or print out posts for evidence. I do have questions like hardshell. Other members have noticed the same, maybe that is why this site is getting less and less people sharing. Ryan Minard or Peter Clausen should be able to answer your question. Rember to ask the other 4 W's.

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Some of the old posts in beetle photography sections that were posted by JKim have become "hidden" because he specifically asked for me to delete his old posts because he no longer wanted those posts to be there.


I've also noticed that some of my old posts seem to have disappeared. Perhaps an update on this forum caused this phenomenon?

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Orin asked for examples, and we can't do much unless we see examples, LarvaHunter.


Here is the first post ever made on the forum:




(Look! I misspelled assistance on the first forum post ever. :P)


And if you go to General Discussions you can see that all the posts in that (the most active section of the forum) go back to just a few days later. I don't see any evidence of missing posts.


Has it really been six years since we put this forum up, Orin?

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Orin's post is erased from this page.

I wrote that I have no examples as I do not print out pages for evidence.

The fact that you are referring to a question that has been moved right here, which you verified, shows one perfect example.

Things have been moved and deleted. I and others notice.

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If you have a problem that you can point to, LarvaHunter, I can work on a solution. However, if you just say you saw a problem but can't find it anymore it isn't something I can address.


Evidence is such a loaded word. I'm not asking you to present anything to a court of law. I was just trying to help.


When Dynastes was a moderator on this forum he had the ability to delete messages, including his own. I just deleted one of yours because you double-posted and left the second one empty. So, I guess you could say there are two more examples of posts disappearing--whatever you wrote in it the first time and then my deleting the empty post. ;)


Please let me know if you find any other specific examples of missing content and we'll work on specific solutions.

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The second one was empty, I erased it because it was too harsh. Was true though.


I personally think evidence is very straightforward, that is why they use it in court. How can I show you things that are deleted?


I'm just here for beetles, thanks for your concern, but I believe everyone's problems will be over now :)


Thank You!!!

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I haven't noticed any of my posts erased but a good way to track them is to take screenshots of important things with your phone. I'm usually on this site from my iPhone so I can screenshot and refer back to them. Although I haven't noticed any erased posts, quite a few members have so it's a good idea if we all keep an eye out for that stuff now.

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