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Amazing finds today in Central FL!!!


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Went larvae collecting in a different area in East Central FL. I was going through an old oak stump when inside I come across my greatest find ever. A beautiful Scarlet Kingsnake!!!! I've wanted to find one of these since I was 10 and I found it while looking for beetle larvae. And it was found inside an oak tree. I thought these snakes were only found in pine trees under bark but there were pine flatwoods not too far from the area. I have never found such a gorgeous snake as this one in the wild.


Also went through another upright rotting tree and found my very first Dynastes tityus larva!!!! Feels good to finally scratch that off my 2014 goals for the year. Below is also a picture of the D. tityus larva next to a Phileurus truncatus larva. I'm definitely glad I came out to this area to search. I'm hoping to find more great species here this summer when I can set up a blacklight.

















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Greatwun is being too modest, 15 truncates larvae and a huge female was found as well. This year is going to be great.


Yes 15 P. truncatus larvae in a tree and 5 other P. truncatus larvae from another tree on another day. The truncatus were found in a much more moist areas that the D. tityus larva. Where I found the D. tityus the ground was very sandy mixed with a little bit of soil. Where I found the P. truncatus was more moist bottoms and muddy with more humidity.

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