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My found grubs (Assumed to be strategus aloeus)


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Only one of them is still hanging around the surface. I put them in separate containers yesterday. I have 6 right now. There were 7, but one started turning grey then black, which I found out equals dead. Some of the pictures are a bit blurry. The focus on my camera isn't always that great close up.









The other 5 are in the bottom and I didn't want to dig them out. One I couldn't find at all on the sides or in the top few inches, and one I can just see a darkened spot of dirt. I read that can mean the are pupating when you see that, but I'm not sure. I don't want to do any digging and mess him up accidently.









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I'm not sure what the dark spot was, but it wasn't a pupa. The guy in that container died. Also, the one wandering on top died. I'm down to 4 grubs now. On the bright side, they seem happy and healthy. They are fat, active and poop a lot.


I was wondering if anyone knows how to sex them. I've looked around online but can't find anything that helps a whole lot since nothing specifies it's for strategus and I don't know quite what I'm looking for yet since these are my first big grubs. I tried to take pictures of the area I think I'm supposed to be looking for a spot or no spot, Maybe someone can see in them what I'm supposed to be seeing and point it out. Or at least give me an idea of the exact area I need to be looking at. Thanks for any help :)








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