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Hello all! I've been collecting beetles for a couple years now, but I've decided I want to get more into rearing species out and possibly getting some breeding going. I have a variety of beetles that I'm keeping now (mostly tenebrionids, but I also have a cicindelid and a handful of different grubs). Cerambycids and buprestids are mainly what I collect, but I'll catch whatever I can. Curious to try rearing just about any family of beetle until I can figure out what I really want/like. I've successfully reared out cucujids before, but that's been about it.


I'm located in central Illinois, so I mostly have corn. Love checking out the random stands of forest though and I'm not too far away from some sweet parks.

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate the welcomes! :)


@Oak I've gotten lucky and managed to catch one of the L. caprelous in the area. It's in my collection now, but I wouldn't mind finding more and maybe taking a shot at breeding them.


@LarvaHunter Yes, I already have the free buprestid book. It's a great piece of literature!

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