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New GIRL from Kansas


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Hi Everyone,


I'm Katie and I have an addiction to bugs. I actually make my living off of dead insects (see my etsy shop, www.insectart.etsy.com), so it's a whole new realm for me to enter the world of live ones. I started off with a preying mantis egg case this spring, and got hooked! I raised lots of caterpillars this summer, and kept two mantises to adulthood. I've had a tarantula in the past (A. versicolor), and a couple jumping spiders (LOVE those guys!!!), but I think these beetles are going to be the coolest thing ever. I just got my first ones in the mail today; three pairs of D. granti, plus one humongous grub! I also got my book, Orin McMonigle's Ultimate Guide to Breeding Beetles in the mail today. My D. granti are in a giant 65 gallon enclosure, and I hope they feel at home there.


So glad to have found all of you!



Topeka, KS




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