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Hi all,

In advance, sorry for my bad english!

My name is Adrien and i live in France near Paris. I found your forum by looking fotos of lucanus species.

After breeding many insectes i'm specialized today in Lucanus ssp but i like too dynastidaes and cetonidaes.

This is my breeding list :

Lucanus cervus cervus

Lucanus cervus akbesianus

Lucanus cervus judaicus

Lucanus elaphus

Lucanus tibetanus Katsurai

Lucanus maculifemoratus taiwanus

Lucanus maculifemoratus maculifemoratus

Megasoma elephas elephas

Stephanocrates preussi

Dynastes hercules septentrionalis.


I found some some good breeding report on this forum thank you :).






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Hi thanks you :)

Some pictures of my breeding for you.

Beautifull akbesianus from Japan : 91mm.



57 and 58mm after 1,5 years of breeding



Japanese breeding specimen of lucanus cervus judaicus :


after some months...



Lucanus cervus judaicus after 3 years, my record, 90MM.



But sometimes i have problem (dead specimen), it's hard to have good condition...



To be continued...



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Hi thanks for your welcome!

If you love lucanus elaphus, my best record is 58mm for a larvae of 10 gams.

Even if the length-weight relationship is variable, i think that 10/12 grams it's great to have a mâle of 55mm/60mm and more.

The best thing to breed with succeed lucanus sp is not the quality of wood but the temperature...

Japanese breeder use low température between 15 and 18 degrees to have a long larvae cycle and get major spécimens.



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Hi, no lucanus sp don't like kinshi... i have already tryed kinshi for lucanus cervus cervus and larvaes died....

Japanese breeder use fermented wood i think, but kinshi is good for many other lucanidaes..; Dorcus, phalacrognathus, odontolabis, prosopocoilus...

I have already try to give some fish food for my larvaes and the restul was good but it is better with good quality wood and low temperatures...

High temperatures cause pupation and if the cycle is short imago will be small...

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